Head Branch of Panache Institute (2014), Panache Ventures (2017), Panache Absolute (2021), Salsa Colours (2021) and Panache Titles (2022)

Airplane Wing


Panache Corpora is the Head branch of Panache Institute which was established in December 2014 in Mumbai, India. 

Now that we do not have any restrictions of location, this branch of our business is all ready and experienced in dealing with candidates / clients from across the globe.

We have already established the niche in Canada, USA, UK, Qatar and other nations while providing our training, content writing, CV circulation and designing services. We are now eager to be a part of more lives / businesses and contributing to their success in different ways.


Right from the inception of our first business, 'quality' has mattered to us a lot more than quantity of the customers. Hence we have always indulged in conducting one-to-one sessions for training and delegating our designing and content writing services to one candidate at a time!